January 29, 2012

I decided to take another shot at Oil Painting today! I am proud of what I was able to do with the limited knowledge I have… but I want to become better! Anyone have any tips when painting portraits? The only thing that is oil paints is the skin, the rest is acrylics. What colors do you use to paint pale skin? All of the colors I mixed seem a little dark for my liking. I want really pale skin.

Jenna Michelle



January 27, 2012

I went to post the portrait I did of my friends baby….. and was so tired! I looked at the “add new post” page and shrugged my shoulders and crawled into bed. hahaha.
Here I am, ready to post what I worked on in the car for 7 hours! Please note that it is drawn off of a picture from my friends phone… in the car… with just a mechanical pencil (also that the pictures I have taken does not do it justice). I am doing another portrait of the baby soon, but with my drawing pencil and at my house. 🙂


Jenna Michelle


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