Let inspiration soar

January 21, 2012

I have been working on a piece since last night and I finally finished it! It is actually rare that I work digitally, but that is exactly what I did last night. It was a welcome change since I’ve been making art traditionally for 7 months now. The piece I did was for an art contest a video game I play is holding. The game is called ‘League of Legends’.

The contest was to take at least one of the characters from the game and draw them with something to do with the Chinese New Year. I chose to take two champions, they are sisters, and draw them in traditional Chinese dresses with fireworks in the background. I’m pretty happy with the outcome. :] I’m not sure when the next time I am going to use Photoshop again… but it may be a loooong time. hahaha.

My creative juices have been flowing recently. So many things are inspiring me and I have so many ideas of paintings I want to do! Unfortunately there are so many ideas that I have no idea where to start! I’ll get read to start one idea and a new idea will pop into my head and I’ll want to do that instead! ahh! Hopefully they chill out just for a little while so I can start making more art.

I’m heading back to Ohio to visit my family for a week tomorrow and I plan to get some good sketches done on the 12 hour drive there (and back). When I get home next week, I am going to start doing oil painting studies and hopefully get decent with them. I would LOVE to have this big project I am conjuring up in my head be done in oils.

Til next time,

Jenna Michelle